Aliens Space Station Hyderabad : Unlock your Life with the Latest Technology

Imagine being able to play your favourite DVD, dim your living room lights, control the temperature on your thermostat and turn on your air conditioner just by sitting on your couch and tapping on a touch screen. Enjoy the most advanced lock and release all your worries on locking. Get rid of all your concerns regarding the security of your home and use the latest technology lock only at Aliens Space Station. Here we are revealing  some of Home Automations which makes your life more comfortable and convenient at your door steps at space station.
 Fire and Gas Alarm Alerts
“Did I turn off the gas?” “What if a fire breaks out and burns down my house?” Finally, you can leave behind these nagging thoughts that haunt you whenever you are away from home.
 Program Using the E-Mail Notification Agent
A security threat to the house notified you of broken windows, doors opening, and motion detected in Away mode. In the template, you define Subject: Security Alert
Enable or disable your video surveillance camera and intercom from miles away. You can also see and talk to your visitor at the main gate from your touch panel.
 Home Motion Sensors
With the touch of a button by your bed, you can turn on the lights in your hallway or bathroom  for you to safely navigate through the dark.
Through home automation you can order groceries from the super markets or book movie tickets, pay your utility bills like electricity, water and gas. You can also book and view the status of amenities including badminton courts, tennis courts, squash courts, etc.
 Maid Mode
Your maid reaches late, and no one at home, she can enter the house if you authorized her remotely. You can also receive an SMS on maids’ arrival and exit.
 Kids Mode
Leave a message for the kids when they come home. You can also restrict access to certain appliances you don’t want them to use such as TV or the gas knob.

Aliens Space Station –Tellapur aptly located in heart of new Hyderabad- book now

Where space gets lateral and residual, Space Station -Tellapur stands inspired by its enviable presence in the heart of new Hyderabad. Surrounded by IT hubs, financial district, world renowned schools and colleges and the outer ring road connecting you in just a few minutes to the newer developments, Space Station -Tellapur is a home for the progressive buyer who lives life with nothing but the best around him.
Space Station – Tellapur is well served by road, rail and air, yielding access to the rest of the country and beyond. The Outer Ring Road and 100 feet road has improved accessibility to generate a thriving community that’s always within reach.
Major MNCs such as Wipro, Infosys, Microsoft and world renowned institutes such as ISB, HCU, IIIT are in close proximity making Space Station the most desirable location for residents and businesses alike. ORR that is just 2 Km away from Space Station  will bring in the proximity to all that’s new and vibrant in Hyderabad.
Space Station – Tellapur provides you the home of the future. Homes that adapt to technology rather than being controlled by technology. Each living space at Space Station embraces the usefulness and advantages of hi-tech features such as biometric security, home automation, wi-fi accessibility, touch pad electrical switches etc that are in sync with the present day living standards.
The apartments are fitted with automation facilities that set the lights, temperature, and music, to the individual’s preferences automatically. The residents can also view and keep a check on the parking lot or the children’s playground from their homes via CCTVs to ensure their safety. The apartments are modern and contemporary in their design with maximum glass usage and French windows, 100% power back up to give you uninterrupted comfort, centralized LPG connection, bathrooms with accessories, and laundry service in the township.
Bringing convenience further to your doorstep is the option of customized interiors from the services of the interior design team and the care team to make your moving into the new house as easy as taking the possession of the key!