The landscape of Aliens Space Station plays a vital role in the initial promotional identity, continuing environmental enhancement, outdoor enjoyment, and livability of the community. It originates at a macro scale as a translation of the architectural vision into surface planes applying the angular, asymmetrical patterns and three dimensional forms of the buildings as its foundation. A dynamic and complex character is revealed by the interweaving and overlapping of the various spaces and features-some seemingly is floating, others terracing or stacked upon each other-while an inherent logic and organization is built into the overall arrangement to create a functional and attractive site.
General Features Of Aliens Space Station
Several basic features and design motifs are repeated throughout the project to maintain and overall visual consistency, while specific details-colors, surface materials, planting arrangements-will evolve to distinguish particular zones or individual towers and facilities.
  1. Linear planes of water are scattered throughout the site, acting at times as visual focal points, separations between public and private space, or as surprise elements within the landscape.
  2. Metal trellises provide shade or spatial enclosure in gardens and patios and provide a filtering ceiling to structural voids within the building podium.
  3. Timber decks and boardwalks help to bring natural warmth into the hardscape palette and create a strongly identifiable feature in the organization of the site.
  4. Paved and planted terraces spill off the edges of the building podium dropping down to the lake and to the project boundaries to blend the podium walls into the landscape, blurring the edge between site and building.

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