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Aliens Space Station- An abode of Convenience and comfort.

Aliens Group offers the Advanced Automated Homes which are the perfect blend of beauty and modern state-of-the-art technologies. They are effectively infused with the concept of tradition & modernity and provide unique features which enable you to access your homes from anywhere on the globe. With the vision of providing ‘Intelligent living’ to support modern-day lifestyle, Aliens Group has installed ‘Home Automation system’ in their project Space Station. This system is designed like a mobile phone with the feature of listening & learning. It is an instrument of convenience and comfort which makes the day-to-day tasks in life easier. The Advanced automated homes have a number of Cisco interfaces which enable you to drive your system: TV remote, tabletop, wall, and portable touch screens. A home theater and multi-room music masterpiece are supported by the advanced facilities at Space Station.

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The project is embedded with automating system for conservation of energy and resources. It enables you to keep a check on how much power is used during the peak hours and helps in controlling the use of energy. The dimmers and switches also help in energy savings and conserving power. The home automation system provides fire and gas alarm alerts along with the latest technology locks which ensure the complete safety & security of your home. The exclusive feature of E-mail notification agent acts as a security alert and notifies you of any motion detected in any way. Aliens Space Station apartments are also embedded with video surveillance cameras, the facility of intercom and home motion sensors. These features along with paramount infrastructure make Aliens Space Station an ideal residential location.


Savor the comfort of an indulgent ‘ Intelligent Living ’ with Aliens Group

Aliens Group is a brand that by its very name suggests uniqueness and unconventionality. The group firmly believes in its motto of providing ‘intelligent living’ alternatives to its customers. With the whole India going digital, our homes standards have to correspond. Aliens Group is one such realtor of Hyderabad whicAliens group intelligent livingh has been providing intelligent living solutions to its customers for many years and with Digital India initiative, Aliens Group’s commitment has become even stronger.
Intelligent Living has redefined our living styles. One can monitor and control everything at their homes as they like. Intelligent Living covers climate, alarm, cameras, irrigation, lighting, landscape lights, water heating, energy consumption, humidity, intercom, biom etrics and infrared (and these are to name a few). Digital (or Smart) Home technologies have allowed a seamless control on all aspects of your property.
Aliens Group has delivered multiple projects which have been crafted by the guidelines of Intelligent Living. The most recent project of the Group – Aliens Space Station is the most advanced in its built up and offers a truly intelligent living.
Aliens Space Station has an aesthetic appeal which is combined with a functional design that optimally puts to use every inch of space. The project has been reviewed to adhere to a structural quality manual as per ISO norms and has also been reviewed against 700 quality checks. It has a biometric access facility, 24*7 hi-tech security set-up, a helipad, planetarium at the 30th floor and a highly advanced home automation.

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Aliens Space Station has been designed to the highest architectural specifications and accommodates the best products on the market today. It has a modular range of Intelligent Living products which can be enjoyed with a personalized automation.
Among the leading real estate developers of Hyderabad, Aliens Group is the one that belongs to the league of the truly digital ones. With ‘Digital India’ all around, our homes need to match up and Aliens Space Station becomes an ideal project to invest your money in.




Aliens Group is rapidly progressing with the deliveries of its flagship project Aliens Space Station in Hyderabad. The customers are quickly occupying their homes in Tower 14 which has approximately 200 apartments and are more than delighted to move into their designer abodes. The apartments have been designed in collaboration with world renowned architects & designers and are on par with any international project in Dubai or Singapore.
On talking to the home owners who have taken possession of their apartment, most of them appreciated the futuristic approach that had been incorporated by Aliens Group. One of the owners said, “I had been living in Australia from past ten years and recently came to Hyderabad for my job. I was accustomed to Sydney’s high standard of living and thus was very particular about the house I would choose to live in. My Penthouse in Aliens Space Station is exactly what I was looking for.

With an indoor swimming pool and three floors of luxury, the house not for once lets me think of my apartment in Sydney. Space Station has all the avant-garde specifications and amenities. The apartment is airy and boasts of luxury in every nook and corner. The price at which I bought it seems like a bargain.”

Another consumer, a scientist by profession, was more than surprised by the detailing of the flat finishes and the quality of construction. He said, “The structure is extremely strong and secure and has been built with the latest technologies. My work makes me travel often, but the biometric security systems and sensors installed in every apartment leaves me relaxed. Each apartment is designed with an abundance of glass that gives it a very clean and contemporary look. The builder has used high-tech glass manufactured with cutting-edge German technology that reduces heat by over 45%. This allows usage of glass and abundant natural light without having to worry about excessive heat and energy consumption in the summer.”

The project has created a perfect blend of convenience and luxury with a special focus on incorporating technological advances in construction and creating smart automated homes. Aliens Space Station has evolved from a beautifully designed award-winning project into a vibrant community of aspiring young families, affluent professionals and NRI investors who all seem to be pleased to move into their dream home.


Mr. Hari Challa, M.D. is a Co-Founder of Aliens Developers Private Limited and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Challa is a Pilot by Profession with a keen sense of direction and a hands-on business acumen with strong emphasis application of technological advancements and sophistications to urban living. Mr. Hari was the Founder ofAliens Group and in a short span of time built an enviable track record & Brand Equity for the Group. His efforts have resulted in creating a corporate body that is developing properties of global standards against the other industry giants.

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Aliens Group Kick Starts their ‘GO GREEN’ Campaign on World Environment Day

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Commemorating the 40th World Environment Day, the Aliens Group Hyderabad, one of the most prestigious real estate developers in India, is undertaking several green initiatives this year.

As an eco-conscious company, we are planning implementing initiatives both within and outside the company. The ‘Go Green’initiative has been initiated by our senior executive Naveen Mypala who is spearheading the concept of planting on lakh saplings in the vicinity of Hyderabad. Concerted efforts are also in place to make sure we are rehabilitating natural habitats that are vital to help create a balance in the environment.

Within the organisation, we are empowering every manager believe that he has the ability to make an impact by encouraging his colleagues to get involved. Several recent employee surveys show that morale and employer confidence increases as businesses implement productive green initiatives.

We’ve reiterated the fact that fewer prints will be taken and used in office. Employee awareness programmes are being conducted to emphasize on the importance of recycling and reusing paper. Our employees have already embarked on a car pool initiative to reduce emission of carbon monoxide.

Hari Challa, Managing Director, Aliens said, We, at Aliens, believe that the concept of a green economy represents a determined effort to tackle the damaging obsession with GDP as a measure of progress. The perfect green economy would deliver equitable improvement in living standards without eroding environmental assets only when all of us take a step towards going green.

Space Station is among the first residential projects in India to receive Platinum pre certified Green Building by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) as we conform to all the pre requisites for a green building.

He has further stated that Aliens is firmly committed to providing living spaces that minimize energy expenditure. We want our customers to indulge their conscience as much as they do their lives and so we’ve gone a few steps ahead to help them do so. We use advanced building materials and technology that reduces wastage and promotes cooling so that you don’t need to turn on the AC too often. Space Station has over 80% green cover and we are certain on making extensive landscaping a permanent fixture in our projects. We have also used design intelligently, using an S shape to promote cross ventilation and increase the reach of sunlight. We don’t want our customers to ever worry about their home’s carbon footprint because we have already thought ahead and reduced it significantly.

Now, buildings go smart with Aliens Group Hyderabad : Deccan Chronicle

Construction Factors such as technological advances, ecological considerations, and cost-saving have driven construction related activity to a smart level. Bindu Gopal Rao explores the trend.

Intelligent buildings not only refer to ensuring safety of a particular construction, but also to optimising building performance, and providing comfort and convenience to occupants. “An intelligent building is defined as a building which is energy efficient and has no or minimal negative impact on the environment thanks to better design, and construction techniques including improved indoor environment quality, energy conservation and heat recovery technology, and the use and/or re-use of local materials,” explains Rahul Aeron, National Sales Head, Desiccant Rotors International (DRI).

An intelligent or smart building will have one common denominator, and that is efficiency, not in products but in solutions.

“A building automation system to monitor and control energy, a quality HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system which reduces operational costs, innovative source of heating/cooling, lighting, fire alarms, security and wireless infrastructure products along with optimisation and maintenance make the environment safe and comfortable,” says Pramoda Karkal, Vice President & Managing Director, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls India.

Every building, be it a hospital, mall, bank or a residential complex has a unique requirement. “A building is termed intelligent when it has the ability to offer a higher level of servicing, maintains good internal environment and can use technology to achieve energy efficiency,” says Asad Ahmed – Head, Planning, Sahara Prime City Limited.
Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the use of intelligent building solutions, which has a two-pronged impact. Ravindra Verma, Executive Director, Development Services, Cushman & Wakefield opines, “during construction, this technology is aimed at saving time, controlling cost and delivering consistent quality, besides increasing resource efficiency during the process of construction.
“Post-construction, it provides comfort, security, automation and maintenance / operation cost-optimisation during the occupation of the built-facility/space.”

Brotin Banerjee, MD and CEO, Tata Housing Development Company adds, “Intelligent or green buildings are high-performance buildings with sustainable design and construction. A green building design balances environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, comfort and well being for its occupants, and community sensitivity.”

What’s a building automation system?

Explains V Gopal – Senior VP, Projects & Planning, Prestige Group, “a building automation system (BAS) includes the automatic control of one or more major building system functions required in a facility, such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems. Automated systems include a collection of sensors that determine the condition or status of parameters to be controlled, such as temperature, relative humidity and pressure. Similarly, output devices impart electronic signals or physical action to the control devices, which may be electric relays or damper and valve actuators. The sensors and output devices are connected either to a unitary controller or to a distributed processor.”

Case(s) in point

ACC’s cement house will be the first existing building in India to be transformed into an eco-friendly green building. Called ‘Project Orchid,’ the new set-up will save electricity bills by 25 per cent and water consumption by 50 per cent. The six-storey building has a central service core, used to house heating ventilation, air conditioners and plumbing lines. The building accommodates over 300 employees and now has 30 per cent more space because of meticulous planning. Use of sensor based water-efficient plumbing fixtures, channelising rainwater for groundwater recharge, installation of sewage treatment plant to divert recycled water for landscaping and flushing are other features. Office waste will be segregated into dry waste and wet waste. While dry waste will be diverted to recycling haulers, wet waste will be processed to generate organic compost on site.

Chiller efficiency improvement

Johnson Controls’ York centrifugal chiller efficiency improvement with variable speed drive for The Oberoi, New Delhi is another case that needs mention.

This technology saved operating costs in excess of 30 per cent, resulting in a payback in less than two years.

In addition to energy savings, problems of high chilled water temperature due to power failures were also eliminated. This is the only chiller technology in the world that has received an EPA award in 2005 in recognition of its energy saving capability of up to 25 per cent.

Cognizant’s state-of-the-art techno-complex in Chennai has an intelligent Integrated Building Management System (IBMS).

“Our IBMS addresses three features: security, safety, and building and utility management. The IBMS command centre acts as the brain of the campus with the neurons being optical fibre/CAT 5 cables that spread to every nook and corner of the campus. All activities can be controlled from this place,” says Srimanikandan Ramamoorthy, Director, Administration, Cognizant.

Sahara City Homes, a chain of 217 well-planned self-sufficient townships, plans to offer a range of amenities including multi-level security system, transport services, power supply with full back-up, air conditioned township, hospital, school, shopping malls and multiplexes, hotels & club, community centres, essential services, well-integrated infrastructure back-up etc.

Tata Housing’s “Xylem” – Bangalore’s first gold LEED certified Green IT Park on Whitefield Main Road has been built with a focus on Intelligent Building technology. Xylem has been designed to tackle the “sick building syndrome”. With its focus on occupants’ health, ergonomic design and architecture, it enhances employee productivity and professional welfare.

There is hope for older buildings too. Otis India’s Modernisation Programme includes packages to improve the performance and reliability of elevators in older residential and commercial buildings. These packages are available for low-speed elevators in apartments and high-speed elevators in hotels and offices.

For low-speed elevators, modernisation packages deliver energy savings by upgrading the old controller system to the latest microprocessor-based, variable-frequency control system.

“Our modernisation packages offer building owners and managers options to improve elevator performance and passenger comfort while allowing them to benefit from our expertise in efficiently installing the best solutions for their buildings,” says Sameer Joshi, Deputy General Manager, Communications & Modernisation, Otis India.

The use of heat recovery technology in intelligent buildings ensures reduction in air-conditioning tonnage, reduction in utility bills for entire life cycle, enhanced IAQ and productivity, and reduced health risks.

Also, it is ensured that buildings are fire-safe at the architects’ table itself. Underwriters Laboratories is the first laboratory in the world to have a testing facility for building construction materials.

Pre-engineered steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings are another aspect of industrial construction.
There are solutions such as Everest’s that are strong, take less time and offer protection against non-uniform weathering elements. “Whether a new building or a listed one; cutting-edge or legacy; IBS can maximise existing infrastructure while integrating the latest technologies to enhance what you already have,” says Manish Sanghi, COO & Executive Director, Everest Industries Limited.

The technologies being used in intelligent homes are tagged under the term called home automation or network to home. “Home automation is an up-and-coming trend. Home automation functions can include the control of multimedia home entertainment systems, automatic houseplant watering, domestic robots and pet feeding, automatic scenes for dinners and parties, and a more user-friendly control interface,” says Hari Challa, Managing Director, Aliens Group.

Adds Venkatesh Valluri, President, Ingersoll Rand, “home automation is expensive but it’s value for money. It’s the need of the hour for today’s smart customers looking for convenience. In case of builders and large projects, the total cost supersedes technology. In case of intelligent buildings, after sales service is of prime importance as down time can be a major issue.”